by Adrian Lyles

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Nobody Knows My Name Nobody tells me what to say Everyone treats me just the same Cause nobody knows my name Don’t expect to see me on TV And if I was, you wouldn’t notice me No one calls my name out on the street But who doesn’t need some privacy Nobody knows my name Nobody listens to the songs I play But nobody hates me isn’t it strange Cause nobody knows my name Yes I’ve had interviews on the radio But only on the stations you don’t know I’ve never starred in any movies before But if I did you probably wouldn’t know So sit down and enjoy the show Nobody knows my name Nobody comes to the concerts I play Even if I wanted I couldn’t change that Nobody knows my name While some stars are out looking for fame And some want money more than anything Musics the one thing keeping me sane And I don’t want anything to change Nobody knows my name I’ve never ever had a taste of fame everyone treats me just the same Cause nobody knows Nobody knows my name And I don’t want anything other than me Everyone treats me just the same Cause nobody knows Isn’t it strange nobody knows my name I can’t complain don’t want a thing to change Cause nobody knows my name Nobody knows my name
Go I need you to get out of my mind Go I don’t want you to hurt Go I need you to leave Because I don’t want my conscience haunting me, anymore Ooooooooohhhhh anymore Stay away from me, I need you to go away I hope you know how much it hurts me to say, I need you to go And I feel like I said it a thousand times, but I need you to stop fantasizing about what we could be Chorus Cause I hurt a lot of people, but I won’t hurt you So I’m gonna let go and say we’re through Before this stretches on too long *And I know that It ain’t easy, but I really gotta say If you want to make it out there’s only one way You’ve got, you’ve gotta stay strong I want you to go I want you to go I need you to go Need you to go, If you know what’s best for you Yeah, I think you should go And I know that you’re sad, lost and sort of confused And knowing that will split my heart in two So please stay back And I know that you really want to stay right here But the thought of you hurt fills me with fear So please just go Chorus *and I know that it hurts but I really gotta say so the nights go by and so do the years and I’m filled with regret and I’m filled with tears but I did what was right and I think to myself as I lie alone what would have happened if I pulled out my phone and told you to stay Chorus
Please please stay I don’t want you to go Tore me down and left me in a broken home Please don’t leave I don’t want to be alone Cause I don’t want to know How it feels when you’re gone Don’t make me know how it feels to miss you And don’t let me know, how little you care And I still will love everything you do No matter what you think of me and you Chorus I won’t stop loving you Even after you’re gone Even after a thousand sunsets I’ll keep going strong I wonder if you think of me, when you lie awake But I guess we’re just gonna have to wait Everything is quiet and time stands still In the night and in the morning I feel chills running down my back And I don’t now if I could last another day So I guess, we’re just gonna have to wait Chorus Now you’re gone and I’m alone Why did I think I’d make it on my own Now you’re gone and I can’t take the pain Now you’re gone and I’m just not the same So I guess I’m gonna have to find my way Chorus Yeah I guess We’re just gonna have to wait


The featured track, "Nobody Knows My Name" will surely be the NEW ARTIST ANTHEM. This EP is a fusion of pop/rock/caribbean vibes meshed together with soulful and memorable melodies. This is an new sound and style.


released October 10, 2018

Produced by Jordace Vincent Grant and Ron Bultongez at Strong Sound Studios.
Photography by Claytphotography and Artwork by Lauren Wells.


all rights reserved



Adrian Lyles Dallas, Texas

Adrian Lyles has been playing the piano since the age of three. He is a musically passionate fourteen-year-old. He writes his own lyrics and composition. Adrian performs pop songs and aspires to be a pop performer and leader in the music industry.

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